At your service - Baltic Master's professional certified installation teams!

Baltic Master's installation department, which has many years of experience in installing refrigeration and air conditioning, restaurant and shop equipment, provides installation services throughout Lithuania and abroad.

Our work: installation of refrigeration equipment, assembly of refrigeration furniture, commercial equipment and racks, electrical works, soldering of copper pipes, welding of refrigeration chambers, assembly of refrigeration chambers, installation of refrigeration doors, installation of overhead lines, installation of heat pumps, installation of air conditioning equipment and much more.

We are offering installation of:

  • Freon refrigeration equipment
  • CO2 refrigeration equipment
  • Hydroloop Glycol refrigeration system
  • Hydroloop Hybrid refrigeration system
  • Heat pump
  • Heat recovery system
  • Refrigeration rooms from sandwich panels
  • Refrigeration doors of all types
  • Stainless steel overhead line
  • Air-conditioning equipment
  • Electrical panels, automation binding works
  • Restaurants and kitchen equipment

Furthermore we offer:

  • Assembly work for industrial racks
  • Assembly work for industrial automated lines
  • Measurement of insulation resistance of electric cables
  • Stainless steel welding

Our main customers: large supermarkets, food production industry, manufacturing industry, HORECA, educational institutions (schools, kindergartens), Lithuanian army, farmers, gas station networks, etc.

Baltic Master has all the necessary attestations and certificates that allow work with various refrigerants, like F- gases and CO2, the operation of electrical equipment, installation of building heating, ventilation, air conditioning and engineering systems; to install, operate and maintain stationary refrigeration, air conditioning equipment and heat pumps.

Baltic Master installers have the necessary certificates to work on high altitudes, with lifting platforms, trucks, to perform soldering and welding work, to install electrical equipment, to work with gas.

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