Air conditioning equipment

Split (residential) series of air conditioners

An excellent choice for conditioning individual rooms when there is no plan or possibility to install a central system in the building. Installation of split air conditioners is relatively simple and inexpensive.

In order to maintain the efficient operation of the unit, the manufacturers' recommendations for the distance between the internal and external unit, as well as the difference in height between them, must be followed. Condensate formed in the internal unit must be removed by a condensate drainage duct installed for this purpose, directed to the field or to the sewerage pipeline.

Split air conditioners are equipped with many modern, comfortable features:

The remote control has an integrated ambient temperature sensor that ensures a comfortable air temperature exactly where you are. This function measures the air temperature at the control panel, not at the internal unit.

LED screen
The stylish LED display on the indoor unit displays the air temperature.

Automatic device startup
Auto-restart function, using previous settings. In the event of a power failure and recurrence, all previous settings will remain unchanged.

Golden Fin technology
The heat exchanger of the external unit is covered with a protective coating that protects the equipment from corrosion caused by saline and humid environments.

Fan adjustment
Fan speed control from 1 to 100% (one percent accuracy).

Extremely quiet
A quiet running fan of the device will not disturb the rest of you or others.

Wi-Fi management
Remote W-Fi control by phone or other computer equipment. It will now be even easier to turn the device on or off, change the mode or temperature settings. Control your device from anywhere in the world!

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